Free download – Harris’ “Principles of Archaeological Stratigraphy”

One of the most useful tools for the analysis of complicated archaeological stratigraphy is the well-known “Harris Matrix,” developed by Edward Harris, and well-known through his important book:
Harris, E. C. 1989. Principles of Archaeological Stratigraphy. 2nd ed. London: Academic.

This method provided a very useful, logical, visual, and user friendly method in which to portray detailed archaeological stratigraphy, in a manner which can often assist crucially in understanding the sometimes quite baffleying stratigraphy of a site.

I was just informed (by Oren Ackerman, courtesy of Mary Larkum), that the book can be downloaded for free at the following site:

Definitely worth checking out!


4 thoughts on “Free download – Harris’ “Principles of Archaeological Stratigraphy”

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  2. Darrell Rohl

    Thanks for this notice. I’ve been trying to get ahold of this book for some time, but have never been able to find a copy that is both available and affordable. This can’t be beat!


  3. arenmaeir

    Glad to have helped! Why don’t you organize a group from Cuba and join us next year at the dig?!



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