And yet another aerial (last one for now…)

And here is another nice aerial foto from the end of the 2010 season.

In this foto, we see an aerial view of Area F, looking southeast, towards the summit of the tell and beyond. One can very nicely see the topographical relationship between the summit (and the Blanche Garde Crusader castle on it) and the remains in Area F. On the summit is the round wooden observation post, where, on a clear day, you have one of the nicest views in the entire land of Israel! Note that the NW tower of the outer fortification of the castle was found in the Area F (in the back center of the area).

In the upper part of Area F, there is the later Iron Age remains, including the very nice evidence of the 8th cent. BCE earthquake.
In the lower area there is evidence of various stages of the early Iron Age, the LB, and one sees the very impressive MB fortification wall (running NW-SE).

The pile of white sandbags to the north of the area is not a military emplacement – it is simply where the Area F people collected the sandbags that were used after the foto for in-between season conservation.

That’s it for now for aerial views of the site.


5 thoughts on “And yet another aerial (last one for now…)

  1. Alex

    Sir, you are the best selling digger out there! Sharing high quality pictures, brand new information, a video life stream, comments to other related findings… Hopefully it pays back in form of funding and grands!


  2. Mark Jenkins

    I love the aerial here of my home for 2 weeks. My only gripe is that you should have made Jeff stand a little more to the left! Had a wonderful time, looking forward to next year!


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