5 thoughts on “Youtube clip of my lecture at the Oriental Institute

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  3. During the segment from about 53:08 to 55:06, you showed a slide titled “Earlier Iron IIA phase in Area D” & said, “If Gath exists in the 10th century & is an enormous city & there’s no evidence of destruction (not in the 11th, not in the 10th, & it’s only destroyed in the 9th century…), it means that throughout this entire period, the major city, the major polity, the major kingdom in this region was Gath. And that means that, try as you may, you can’t say that the Judahite kingdom captured Philistia if Gath is still standing.”

    Are you asserting that the ONLY way for a city to come under the rule of another government is when the city is burnt to the ground? In other words, they can’t simply surrender after being intimidated by a surrounding army &/or a short-term skirmish?


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