Tell Jemmeh report

Yesterday, I received a copy of the new Tell Jemmeh report – courtesy of the editor, David Ben-Shlomo (thanks!).

This is without a doubt a monumental report, of just under 1100 pages (!!), summarizing the excavations at Tell Jemmeh which were directed by the late G. Van Beek. Important finds from the MB, LB and in particular the Iron I-III, are described in the report. A lot comparative materials for our work at Safi is of course in the volume – such as various finds related to the Philistine culture.

Note – the report can be downloaded on the Smithsonian Institution website!

Kudos to David for doing this fantastic work and putting out this volume – on finds that otherwise might have remained unpublished for many years!

The full quote is:

Ben-Shlomo, D., and Van Beek, G. V., eds.
2014 The Smithsonian Institution Excavation at Tell Jemmeh, Israel, 1970–1990. Smithsonian Contributions to Anthropology 50. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press.


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  1. Michael J Petersen

    When I wrote to them that the pdf was corrupted they emailed me a link to a dropbox file and stated that many people had reported the same thing. They are working on fixing it.

    Dr. Mike Petersen


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