What a way to start the week!!!!

An inscription was found (by Hannah) during pottery washing, earlier today.

So far, all I will say is that it is quite similar, in its general characteristics, to the “ALWT/WLT” inscription that we published about a decade ago.

Any more information, at this stage, is compartmentalized…

I know, I am a terrible tease… :-}


8 thoughts on “INSCRIPTION!!!

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  2. Deane

    “GLYT”, this time?

    Interesting news. I predict within 24 hours there will be a news report about Goliath’s inscribed armor – and Bibi will be reading 1 Sam 17 and mentioning how this shows Kol Yisrael includes the whole coastline, in his weekly cabinet meeting.

    But keep on digging up the good stuff!


  3. Vicki Stone

    I thought the “terrible tease” was the translation of the inscription. I got very excited. briefly—-


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