Nice article on Safi in the English Haaretz

A very nice article (by Ariel David) on the just finished season at Tell es-Safi/Gath has appeared online in the English version of Haaretz. In it, the significance of the newly discovered early Iron Age remains are discussed, and the possible connection to biblical traditions on giants at Gath.

Check it out!

Since the article is a behind a paywall, for those without access, here is a PDF (but without the pictures):

Haaretz English_July 24_2019_Goliath’s true hometown found_ Lost 3,000_yearold Philistine city emerges beneath Gath

P.S. If you search for the article on different search engines, you may be able to circumvent the paywall

2 thoughts on “Nice article on Safi in the English Haaretz

  1. Lizbeth Glickman

    Thank you so much for letting those of us fascinated by this “ride” into the ancient past of Israel and its sometimes friends/enemies.

    Here’s to the next glorious season of digging below!


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