One thought on “Some really nice painted Philistine pottery!

  1. John Stringer

    WOW, what a beautiful quintessential Philistine sherd from my ol’ Area D digs with Dr Jeff. Such an iconic Philistine motif; as much as Mickey Mouse is for America. Perhaps it’s a swan. Swans look like ships on the water, they are stately and very aggressive, fearless, thus encapsulating a marine warrior spirit (ie Sea Peoples). Maybe. The beak is wrong for a swan, but who’s being that detailed? Mickey Mouse looks nothing like a mouse. It could be a bird from back in th’Aegean. I also believe the Ps headdress was bird feathers. Perhaps associated with an (avian) goddess? Athena had her owl, after all, as a hangover from very early ‘greek’ religion.

    I recently posted up on FB my finished model of a 4th century bc Thracian (Sacred Band, which after being munched by Philip II was probably the Scared Band). Here is my 12th century bc Philistine with cowhide shield upon which I painted an imaginary Philistine motif. The photo background is even Phoenician murex. Compare it to the sherd find here, which even has red (usually a sacred colour). I believe the Ps headdresses was perhaps the red crown feathers of the Med. hoopoe (thus the red headgear of my Ps model (see link). The hoopoe red crown feathers were perhaps for sarims only, and horsehair or lessor birds for oi poloi. Maori aristocrats used the now extinct hui as chief head attire or Native Americans the bald eagle or turkey feathers. WELL DONE 2019 Area D team!!



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